“Super Mario Run” momentarily vanishes from Apple App Store

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“Super Mario Run” momentarily vanishes from Apple App Store

The video game app by Nintendo, Super Mario Run, which was in the limelight shortly after its entrance on iOS owing to its popularity, was temporarily removed from the App Store. Super Mario Run was the first huge entry of the Japanese gaming company last year into the mobile world. On the other hand, the mysterious vanishing of the app from the App Store left just Google Play as the sole source from where it can be obtained.

This week, a number of users all over the globe were unable to locate the gaming app on the Apple App Store when searched. The app was not evident to people all over the globe. On the other hand, it has not been verified in precisely which nations the app was not evident. It was accessible for installing in the home turf of the company, Japan, sources say.

Even though there is no explanation as to why the app went out of view temporarily, it is being claimed that the problem may be due to the newest update for iOS of the “Super Mario Run.”

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Nintendo rolled out the Android version of “Super Mario Run” back in March 2017. Earlier, Shigeru Miyamoto, the Super Mario creator, claimed to the media that the firm made a decision to roll out the game on iOS initially owing to the improved security. “But in fact, the element of security is one of the factors that we made a decision to go with iOS and iPhone first. So this is just, on the basis of the present development atmosphere, a need that has been constructed into the app to support safety. In addition to this, 3 various modes are linking to the system and cooperating with each other,” claimed Miyamoto to the media in an interview.

For those who are not aware, the storyline of the game itself is not new. Here is how it starts: There is a disorder in the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach is below danger and once more, her old superman Mario has to save her from the rival, the Bowser.

In the beginning, “Super Mario Run” takes you all the way through a tutorial and then you are all set to save the princess. In the game, Mario runs himself and also takes over small obstacles. All you have to do is gather coins and manage his jumps in the process.

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