Varun Dhawan Speaks Out His Heart On His Upcoming Film October

Varun Dhawan Speaks Out His Heart On His Upcoming Film October

Varun Dhawan Speaks Out His Heart On His Upcoming Film October

There are a few actors who never fail to leave their lasting impression on the minds of the audience as well on the directors. Varun Dhawan is definitely one of them. He has been in the film fraternity for the past 6 years and owns ans100% track record. However, he feels the human inside the dazzling star gets lost at some point in time.

During the trailer launch of his upcoming film October, he confronted the crowd and said that the actors are treated as products of a brand. However, he is above all the materialistic makeup and hair polishing.

As per the director, the reason behind capturing the raw side of the Badlaapur actor is Shoojit Sircar. He even claimed that the real talent of Varun Dhawan can be witnessed in his upcoming film. This emotional love story is written by Juhi Chaturvedi and has Banita Sandhu opposite the supremely versatile actor.

Lately, he has been doing movies with a comic touch, which is the reason October was highly needed in his career. He further claimed that the movie will not only change the path of his career but has already improved him as a person.

In fact, Shoojit signed him for the said film even before the release of Badriki Dulhania and Judwaa 2. The story touched the heart of the actor, which made him put his heart and soul into it.

Before considering Varun for the role of an honest man in the film, various faces were searched. However, he was finalized while the script was being written by Juhi and Shoojit. The director was having a different perception of the stars who become a heartthrob overnight. However, his perception was turned around after working in association with Varun.

He even asked the actor to change his day-to-day habits to incorporate the character in him. The instruction was to see the plants first thing in the morning and breathe fresh air rather than surfing smartphone.

April 13, 2018, is an awaited day, when the destiny of the movie will be decided by the people of India.

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