18 Pros And Cons Of Being In Your 20’s

1. Pro: The world is now your oyster, no one can tell you what you can’t do.


2. Con: No one is responsible for keeping your life together but you.


3. Pro: You don’t have to spend any more time having shitty conversations at shitty college parties.


4. Con: Your patience for putting yourself together before going out will grow very thin.


5. Pro: You eventually stop giving a shit about keeping up appearances.


6. Con: A lot of being an adult involves sitting in front of a computer.


7. Pro: It is way easier to avoid the people that annoy the crap out of you.


8. Con: Entry-level salaries don’t allow for much treating yourself.


9. Pro: You aren’t a kid anymore and you can eat whenever you damn well please.


10. Con: Without outside restriction it can be impossible to control yourself.


11. Pro: You’re still young enough to enjoy a good pun.


12. Con: You’re not old enough to afford to live without roommates yet.


13. Pro: You will only grow closer to the real friends you had when you were younger.


14. Con: But making new friends as an adult can be infinitely harder.


15. Pro: You are a real adult who can appreciate curling up with a good book.


16. Con: Getting four hours of sleep is way harder to recover from than it used to be.


17. Pro: The days of taking finals will soon be over.


18. Con: Being a put-together adult is kind of a myth.




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