6 Things Every Asian Beauty Addict Knows To Be True


1. The familiar burden of explaining your multi-step skin routine.



“You pat it on gently. In layers.”

2. The overwhelming joy you feel when you discover a 2+2 sale.


*Still spends more money than usual.*

3. Indulging in ingredients like “donkey milk” or “bee venom.”


It’s good for your pores, or something.

4. Attempting to pack for any kind of extended trip.


Can’t leave without my oil cleanser! or cream cleanser, or toner, or essence or…

5. Putting on a sheet mask at the end of a long day.


Any excuse to bust out that CO-Q10 mask that’s been collecting dust in your back drawer.

6. And the blasphemy that is someone even CONSIDERING using normal soap.


Wash your dishes with it, wash your hands with it. But your face deserves better, folks.



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