It Is Checkmate For The Guptas In South Africa

It Is Checkmate For The Guptas In South Africa

It Is Checkmate For The Guptas In South Africa

For years, three brothers of Indian descent, namely Atul, Rajesh and Ajay Gupta have held considerable power in South Africa. They were business tycoons and among the country’s elites. Former President Zuma was a friend to them.

There have been accused of using political influences to install toadies in important offices at government companies, lobby cabinet appointments and siphon off billions of rands worth taxpayers money.

The trio has managed to dodge punitive actions under the guise of “continuing investigation,” but no more as it seems. A day after President Zuma leaves presidency, the police conducted a raid on the Gupta’s private mansion, which resulted in the arrest of some key people, while one of the brothers Ajay is still on the run.

In their heyday, the Guptas were ubiquitous in South Africa’s business spectrum. Their entrepreneurial ambitions manifested in the 1990s. By early 2010s, their names were familiar to most in the country. From mining minerals to DTH TV, their presence was everywhere.

The Guptas were vilified by the national media in the year 2013, as the Guptas reserved the Waterkloof air force, a high-security military airbase for their wedding guests. Shortly after, a rift within the African National Congress started to replace the incumbent Gupta-Zuma network.

The snapping point of the rift was the infamous Gupta Leak—1 million plus electronic papers revealing how they used their power to influence politics and launder money.

Among the brothers, Ajay Gupta was last seen on February 6, leaving South Africa for Dubai. Atul Gupta’s bank accounts were frozen and he’s currently in Dubai, legally denying all the charges slapped against him. There’s no information on the whereabouts of Rajesh Gupta.

South African authorities will take necessary recourse in accordance with the international law and Interpol to bring Gupta brothers to justice. Whether they be successful or not, is yet to be seen.

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