Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas for Christmas 2018

Everyone loves a good party game especially at Christmas. It is the best way of breaking ice and encouraging guests to mingle. The trick is to choose right game for your group. We have created an interactive collection of Christmas party game ideas. After planning your party have a list of games and find their instructions. Also, do not forget to send Christmas party invitations before the event.

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Christmas Party Games, Santa Games Ideas for Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas Wallpapers
Merry Christmas Wallpapers




Throw the best Chritsmas party this year and plan exciting games to entertain your guests. Assess the number of guests attending and plan some entertainment for them. The larger the party, more inclusive the game should be. Make sure that you set aside some activities for kids and plan some for adults. Here is the list of game ideas that would keep your party in full swing.

  • White Elephant

This is gift exchange game in which each player is instructed to bring a wrapped gift to contribute to gift table. Each player chooses a gift from table one by one but has alternate option to steal another person’s gift. When no gifts are left on table, the game ends.

  • Christmas Charades

Organize christmas charades for your guests. The list of charades may include decorating tree, having snowball fights, ice skating and many more things.

  • Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

Transform normal drawing to pictionary relay of christmas carols. To play this game, the players should get name of the song from the organizer and draw out their song. Teams try their best in guessing the songs based on the drawing.

  • Christmas Carol Bingo

Play bingo with your loved ones and swap the numbers 4*4 card of popular symbols of Christmas. You may download Christmas Bingo printable to keep everything simple.

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