Election Commission To Create Social Media Code, Enhance Partnership

Election Commission To Create Social Media Code

Election Commission To Create Social Media Code, Enhance Partnership

Now the social media platforms that join forces with the Election Commission (EC) will have to pursue a “code of conduct” to ascertain that their user data stays sheltered from exploitation that can adversely influence elections.

Highly-positioned resources on the poll board said that the social media unit of the body had gathered together and determined to outline the “code of conduct.” However, the platforms that don’t pursue the recommended code won’t be allowed to collaborate with the EC. The judgment was concluded in the repercussion of the Cambridge Analytica event.

Taking into consideration that use of social media can’t be blocked owing to the events of “aberrations,” O P Rawat, Chief Election Commissioner, stated that Facebook would stay the social media associate of the poll panel during the Karnataka assembly elections. Also, he mentioned that the EC’s social media cell would go into the topic of App of political parties and politicians sharing information of users without their approval.

Rawat, while declaring the Karnataka assembly poll schedule, told a press conference, “Any aberration will not halt the usage of modern technology; there have been banks frauds, but we do not discontinue banking.” He was solicited if the Facebook will carry on to be the social media associate of EC following statements that its user data had been gathered by a firm without the approval of users. The CEC stated that the social media is an actuality and all preventative measures will be taken by the EC at its end, to avoid events that unfavorably influence Indian elections.

The data scandal of Facebook exploded after a whistleblower disclosed that a data company associated with 2016 campaign of Donald Trump, Cambridge Analytica, accessed private information from website’s 50 Million users without their understanding, and might have reserved that information even after it was told to be erased by the social media giant. Facebook is used by EC to push young populace to enroll as voters.

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