New visa category to be introduced for researchers and entrepreneurs


New visa category to be introduced for researchers and entrepreneurs

India is on the verge to introduce a new category of visas specifically for researchers and entrepreneurs.

A senior official stated that the plan unsettled by Niti Aayog was being talked at a high level and the country possibly will, in coming period, bring in the new visa category for selected ones based on some criteria.

“Human Capital is one of the critical base stones that contribute to the innovation of a country. Motivating skilled-based immigration will promote vigorous competition and travel a long way to enhance the quality of domestic skills,” the officials said on anonymity conditions.

As per the officials, the ideology was to create a centralized system for approving entrepreneur visas on the basis of criteria, which comprise dissemination of products or service, job creation potential, and novelty in technology.
“India might also establish international centers to help in document verification and offer some basic support. The aim is to accomplish the practicability analysis of this plan by consecutive year and start the needed system by 2020,” the official

At present, entrepreneurs visiting India are issued either employment or business visas, and both the type put limiting conditions on the visitors, for example, yearly registration with police and necessity to leave the country from time to time. They are required to revisit their home country for visa renewal as there is no facility in the protocol in terms of permanent residence.

The people who visit India for research purpose prefer to opt for tourist visas if they visit India to perform research informally and aren’t going to stay in the country for more than 6 Months. The reason for preferring tourist visa is the complicated and time-consuming procedure.

While loads of work has been done by the last government to motivate innovation, the present ones have also adopted an all-around attitude towards emerging a favorable milieu for entrepreneurs. These comprise the start-up India initiative, introduced in 2016, with 19 diverse protocols and funding more than Rs 10,000 Crore to augment the startup ecosystem.

Atal Innovation Mission is a supplementary plan for start-up India initiative to establish more than 500 Atal Tinkering Labs at the school level and 100 Incubation Centers with great complexities to motivate innovation and fetch talent from all around the globe.

Thus, with these steps by the government to set up a separate category for researchers and entrepreneurs will probably open doors to global experts and professionals to contribute their skills in the country.

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