Satellite Imaging To Be Used By Gurgaon To Verify Encroachment

Satellite Imaging To Be Used By Gurgaon To Verify Encroachment

The Gurgaon district administration together with the municipal body and the Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA), in an attempt to exhibit zero tolerance against infringement and illicit constructions in the Millennium City, have settled on to put up an application that receives the assistance of a satellite to look after it.

In a statement, Sudhir Chauhan, Senior Town Planner (STP) of Gurgaon, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), said, “Having discovered one after the other unlawful construction and violation from the past few years, but at this moment we have settled on to make an application—which, at present, is in process. The application with the assistance of the Haryana Space Application Centre would demeanor an online charting of Gurgaon, comprising posh and old places and spot significant residential places, roads, monuments, and other structures to be kept an eye on 24 × 7 through a control room.”

Chauhan further stated, “The MCG has observed unlawful constructions in few of the informed restricted places that consist of the Sector 17 ‘Air Force Ammunition Depot,’ wherein around more than thousands of illegitimate houses were built.” He also mentioned that the Punjab and Haryana High Court, in the year 2006, had commanded the Gurgaon district administration to ensure 900 sq m as a protected zone. Soon after, as a result of the unbridled violation, the court again commanded the district administration to fortify 300 sq m as a restricted zone.

The officer said, “Previously, these restricted zones were video recorded by us, but the violators got involved in illicit activities in place of it. Now, this application linking with satellite will provide authentic images, comprising 3D, and make aware of any unlawful structures.” Further, Chauhan said, “This application will be operated from the technologically advanced control rooms and also build up under the inspection of GDMA at the price of Rs 3 Crore and around 32 workers will look after it. This application will be serviceable in next couple of months.”

A Gurgaon-based nature lover and environmentalist, Rajesh Vats, stated, “There have been a very big violation and unlawful construction taking place in Gurgaon straight under the administration’s nose, which consist of Sohna, DLF phase 1, Aravalli mountain range, Sikandarpur, Old Gurgaon, Marble market at MG road, Gwal Pahari. Few illicit practices often took place with the intention to get hold of the forest regions.”

He further added, “This is a pilot project if it would be doing well in Gurgaon. We would similarly execute it in other areas in Haryana.”

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