16 Things To Try When You Can’t Sleep

This advice is for entertainment purposes and should not replace your doctor’s advice. If you have serious sleep issues, please consult a doctor.

1. Make a to-do list.

  It could be a shopping list, a list of things you need to send, or a list of trips you’d like to take. Make a list of all the things that you think about every day and never accomplish.  

2. Start (or finish) a book.


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You know… that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for weeks, or that you set on the coffee table months ago and never opened. Now’s the time.


3. Listen to a book.

  We often think of this as something only kids do, but there are plenty of (grown-up) books available as audiobooks. Instead of turning the light on and straining your eyes, just listen with your ears. Also, the narrators usually have VERY relaxing voices.    

4. Have a cup of chamomile or verbena tea.


Actually, you can choose whatever flavor you’d like, as long as it’s caffeine-free. But chamomile and verbena are known for their relaxing qualities.


5. Cook.

  If you’re the type who likes to bring lunch to work but “never has the time,” take advantage of your insomnia and cook something for lunch or snacking the next day.    

6. Masturbate.

enhanced-9416-1459774154-1    Don’t look at me like that, masturbating really helps people fall asleep. Try it, you’ll see.    

7. Listen to relaxing music or sounds.



Re-lax-ing. Something like Norah Jones or, of course, one of the many appsdedicated to calming nature noises.

8. Draw.



No need to be a great artist, but maybe this is the time to develop your artistic skills and clear your mind.

9. Listen to a podcast.

  There are many very interesting podcasts. From fiction to more serious subjects, the choice is yours.

10. Start dreaming.


  Yes, normally you dream while you’re asleep. But closing your eyes and imagining a scene in your head can lead you straight into a sweet dream.


11. Write.


Whether it’s writing in your personal diary, writing a letter, or writing whatever you feel like. Sometimes it could even lead to the beginnings of a poem or even (I know, it sounds crazy) a novel.


12. Pick out your clothes for the next day.

  If you can’t sleep, why not save yourself some trouble and pick out your clothes for the next day? You’ll save some time in the morning which you can use to to sleep in a bit.    

13. Organize.



There’s ALWAYS something to clean and organize: bookshelves, nail polish collections, laundry, shoe closets, etc.


14. Change your position.


It sounds obvious, but sometimes all you need to do is change your position to fall asleep. On your back, on your side, or on your stomach… pick the position that makes you the most comfortable.

15. Wash the dishes that are lying around.


You don’t need to do a deep scrub or anything, but cleaning will always do you some good, so why not get up and wash those dishes from dinner?


16. Meditate.


Why not take ten minutes to relax and unwind through meditation? That’s the minimum time you’ll need to begin to reap the benefits.

And finally, even if it’s tempting, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT look at a backlit screen.



Yes, I know it’s hard, but wait until tomorrow to watch the end of House of Cards.



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