Twitter Bans Various Accounts Recognized For Stealing Tweets

Twitter Bans Various Accounts Recognized For Stealing Tweets

Carrying on its outburst in opposition to the “tweetdeckers”, Twitter has banned several popular accounts known for mass-retweeting tweets or stealing tweets for artificial virality. As per Buzzfeed, accounts comprising @GirlPosts, @Dory, @reiatabie, @SoDamnTrue, @Girl Code, @commonwhitegiri, @Common White Girl, @finah, @teenagernotes, @memeprovider, and @holyfag were among the accounts that were suspended in the raid.

Various accounts were very well-liked with thousands of millions of followers.  Apart from stealing tweets of the people without credit, most of these accounts are dubbed as “tweetdeckers” owing to their practice of joining forces with exclusive groups of Tweetdeck and hugely retweeting tweets of one another for fake virality, claimed the report.

Tweetdecking is an open infringement of spam policy by Twitter, which does not permit consumers to “purchase, sell, or try to falsely pump up account interactions.” As per the rules of Twitter, infringing this policy is sufficient for eternal suspension. (As is making a fresh account to avoid an eternal suspension)

Earlier this month, Twitter declared an onslaught on accounts fueled by software “bots” that can falsely intensify a person or which have been blamed of influencing the social network at the time of 2016 election of the U.S. The messaging platform of San Francisco claimed that the decision was aimed to free the platform of spam-spewing automatic accounts, and not planned at users employing the service as per the rules.

“These modifications are an significant actins in making sure we remain ahead of hateful activity aiming the crucial chats happening on Twitter including elections in around the world and the United States,” Yoel Roth, the developer policy lead at Twitter, claimed to the media in a blog post. The decision was the newest by Twitter to impose rules planned at stopping propaganda, disinformation, and provocation. Ever since the election in 2016, Twitter and others found how “bots” had been employed to spread hoaxes and sow political divisions.

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