Twitter Unveils Its New Emoji as a Trademark for the Monsoon

Twitter new emoji

Twitter Unveils Its New Emoji as a Trademark for the Monsoon

Social media is currently the mode which the people are using to express their opinions and feelings. There are a number of social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others.What we going to talk about today is Twitter.

What’s so special about Twitter? Twitter has launched a special blue umbrella emoji as an onset of the monsoon only for its Indian users. This emoji is expected to remain active till August 31, 2017.

Right from the moment it has gone alive, it has all the Twitter lovers going gaga over it. This special umbrella is currently the eye-catching feature of Twitter.Twitter wants to embrace the season of greenery that India is known for. It’s just kind of a symbol to mark the famous monsoon season of India for which it is well known. A blue umbrella is just like any other emoji that can help bring people together and start a new conversation as well.

The social media companies have been using customized emojis for various events with predefined hashtags. Imagine when you type #Rainy seasons back, #Monsoon2017, #Baarish, #Drizzling, #Pune Rains, #Time to get drenched in the rain, or more using a blue umbrella beside it. Wouldn’t itjust brighten up your post and help you start a delightful conversation? Of course, yes.Thus, Twitter is always on the verge of coming up with new emojis for different occasions, seasons, situations, and so on.It is not the first time that Twitter has come up with an emoji to represent events. These customized emojis are like sharing the happiness of the local culture online through the social media.


It is the first weather-related emoji that has been launched in India by Twitter. With the monsoon finally setting in, it is going to be very useful for Twitter users in India.

“Will Twitter come up with new emojis for the other seasons such as the winter and seasonal changes?” is something to look forward to. Though we will have to wait for it, for now let’s enjoy the blue umbrella emoji representing the rainy season.

According to Head of Entertainment & TV Partnerships, Twitter India, Viral Jani, the blue umbrella is the best way to celebrate the buoyancy of the country and help the Indians get closer to each other through the use of social media.

So let’s start using the emoji during the conversations as it ends the time monsoon season flushes out of India.

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