10 Best Web Design Blogs For Web Design Inspiration

Best Web Design Blogs For Web Design Inspiration

If you are a freelancer, or do you work for an agency? Do you have experience in web design? The answer to both queries is that regularly reading web design blogs FOR WEB DESIGN INSPIRATION is a good idea.

Best Web Design Blogs For Web Design Inspiration

Web design is a creative function. Working in any creative position may be gratifying, but only if you are continually motivated. How many creatives have you met who, when presented with a new client brief or design problem, feel like they’ve hit a brick wall? Almost certainly none.

Many web design blogs, fortunately, provide valuable ideas, inspiration, and assistance to help designers and developers create beautiful, functional, and user-friendly websites. These blogs address a wide range of topics essential for anybody working in web design, from responsive design to accessibility, typography, to color theory. We’ve explained a list of the top ten web design blogs you should follow in this blog.

5 Reasons Why You Must Read Web Design Blogs

Reasons Why You Must Read Web Design Blogs

  • Learn New Techniques and Tools
  • Improve Your User Experience
  • Get Inspiration for Your Projects
  • Find a bank of resources
  • Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Trends

Top Web Design Blogs

Top Web Design Blogs

  1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a web design blog with many high-quality articles all about web design and development.

On their content provider team, they have a couple of skilled web designers and developers. It is one of the most well-known web design blogs on the internet. And many phoenix web design firms use them for web design inspiration.

This website also provides freebies such as templates and plugins that may be useful on the job.

  1. Design Shack

Since 2003, Design Shack has been a significant web design site, delivering helpful knowledge to the design community. The blog discusses a wide range of web and graphic design subjects, including:

  • Trends
  • Business
  • Mobile
  • UX
  • Typography
  • How to Make a Living in the Design Industry

The Design Shack team of professional authors is committed to writing informative and helpful articles. They assist designers and developers in staying up to speed on industry advancements.

  1. Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot keeps you up to speed on all you need to know about WEB DESIGN INSPIRATION. It includes web design and development news, opinions, and resources. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive valuable daily articles. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook, or enjoy daily email updates.

A wide range of thorough articles about web design is available to help you learn about design, user experience, freelancing, accessibility, and other topics. This site has a wealth of valuable materials and tools, including templates, mockups, free fonts, icon sets, and much more. A function allows you to vote and comment on blog links like Reddit.

  1. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq has many constantly updated blog entries about web design, public art, web design news, and trends.

This web design blog will show you examples of graphical website designs to get you started. You’ll also discover a variety of inspirational artwork, such as packaging and logo design, as well as intelligent, one-of-a-kind pieces on more abstract design topics.

  1. UX Collective

UX Collective is a web design site that offers helpful content about user experience (UX) design to designers. The site has a staff of professional authors and covers various subjects such as UX research, usability testing, interface design, and more.

One of UX Collective’s distinguishing features is that it updates new articles daily, providing readers with a steady supply of fresh and relevant content. This helps to guarantee that their information is current and relevant and provides a worldwide perspective on the UX design business.

  1. Hongkiat’s

Learn how to utilize design tools with Hongkiat’s lessons and get freebies like icon packs and fonts. They also feature web design-specific blog pieces, such as how-tos and business tips for web designers. (There are also design philosophy themes discussed.)

This site has been around for a long time and is undoubtedly one of the more established entries on this list, with many suggestions for pro-level designers. Still, they also cover issues that novices can comprehend, such as introductions to CSS and FAQ.

  1. SitePoint

Sitepoint is one of those web design blogs where it is evident that the author knows what they are talking about. This is because their blog is well-designed and simple to use. They include a blog, a community, and a library.

You may get a plethora of guides by going directly to their library. You may also discover reviews of design programs like Sketch, as well as samples and inspiration for many various kinds of design, ranging from photography and illustration to logo design.

  1. Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger is an excellent resource for web developers seeking WEB DESIGN INSPIRATION, tips, and assistance on pertinent concerns. Thanks to its well-organized material and plenty of relevant information, it’s a terrific spot to start your day when you need a creative boost.

The blog covers a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Web Design
  • Inspiration UI
  • Graphics
  • Interviews
  • Reviews of Web Development

They also provide a lot of material on various free resources, such as web design portfolio builders, portfolio samples, stock photos, and typefaces, making it even more enticing to its visitors.

  1. A List Apart

A List Apart is a respected web design blog. They’re one of those sites you can count on for practical, technical information.

The writings on A List Apart span diverse issues, from responsive web design to multiple web design grids and styles. They also provide exciting and artistically driven content, such as strengthening brand identity in your site design.

  1. Awwwards

If you’re a web designer seeking daily inspiration, Awwwards is a must-have in your favorite area. Awwwards is a web design blog that, as the name suggests, honors some of the most creative and well-designed websites on the internet.

Awwwards is also a terrific location to locate some of the most creative and inventive web designs. Furthermore, they don’t play around: their prizes are based on stringent parameters. Each website they recommend is graded based on the following metrics: usability, design, inventiveness, and content responsiveness.


Although ten blogs may be an extensive list, some blogs may be appropriate for some people but not others. Your preferences will heavily influence the blogs you follow, but you must also make objective selections regarding reading materials and resources.

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