Significance Of Brass Shiv Family Statue At Your Home

When we talk about the Shiv family we are talking about the creator and bearer of the universe. We are talking about the Destroyer and Nurturer of the universe. We are talking about the fatherly and motherly figure of the universe where we exist.

Their children Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha are responsible for protection from evil and distribution of fortune and prosperity. Their significance does not end with their mythological stories; they go beyond the belief, mind and thought process of every human. The whole family of lord shiva is beyond time, space and understanding of humans who are shackled with his or her materialistic desire.

Lord Shiva is called the Adiyogi which means that he is the original yogi or the creator of yoga. Hence he is not shackled with the bonds of maya ( illusionary energy) yet he is a family man who is married to the goddess of grains, nourishment and devotional love. He is the father of the God of War – Kartikeya and God of Prosperity – Ganesha.

Here, we will tell you about the significance and benefits of worshipping the Brass Idols of Shiva Family.

Significance of having a Brass Idol of Shiv Parivar At your Home 

In many Indian households it is a common sight to see the idol of shiv parivar being worshipped by the family. There are many reasons to do so like there are many people in India who follow Shaivism which means that they pray and look up to their god for all kinds of things. Let it be the auspicious occasion of child birth, a new beginning like marriage they forward to the divine blessings from Bholenath. Not in just joyful times but also during the hard times in their life they look up to their god and seek their Love and acceptance.

When we look at all these things they can understand that the idol of Shiv Family is not just a statue for them but more like their ideal example who they look forward to before anything in life. The shiv parivar is the perfect example of how people with contradictory qualities and personalities can live with harmony and peace.

But how can we say that they are an ideal family? Well to answer your question. If you pay attention to the idol of Shiv Family then you can see Nandi maharaj in the idol. Lord Nandi is an Ox who is the vehicle and most loving devotee of lord Shiva. Despite him being an animal Goddess Parvati is so thoughtful to consider him as family and count him as their family member. On the other hand, we can see that in some iconography they have included all their loving vehicles. All of them are totally different in their nature and characteristics like Tiger ( vehicle of Maa Parvati) is the predator of Nandi(the ox) but still they live in harmony this is true for their children as well. Lord Kartikey is the Hindu God of War and is commander of the god’s army. He is serious and considered the greatest god warrior but Lord Ganesha is known for his Post belly and easy going nature.

Let’s not forget about their vehicle too, Lord Kartikey’ s vehicle is a peacock who is the dire enemy of Lord Ganesha ‘s vehicle which is a mouse.

Despite their differences and preferences they are one big happy family who love, cherish and respect each other.

Benefits of having a brass idol of Shiv Parivar at home

  • Keeps people together- No one wants the family members to break into a fight now and then, despite having differences we want our family to have peace, unity and harmony among them. It is believed that if one has a Shiv family idol at home and prays to it with a pure heart then the whole family of Lord Shiva blesses the family members with unity and harmony.
  • Peaceful life- We have not met a single person who says, ” I don’t want peace, I want problems.” All of us strive to have a peaceful atmosphere and peaceful life for our family and us. To make your wish come true, you can worship and keep an idol of Shiv parivar to receive the boon of peaceful life.
  • Protection from evil- Every person has two sides, one is good and the other side with which we don’t want to provoke. It’s the same with all the family members of Lord Shiva. It is believed that if someone tries to hurt their devotee they will face the wrath of all of them. 

Things to remember while placing them

After reading the significance and benefits of having a Brass Idol of Shiv family you might be interested in getting one for your residence but wait there are a few things to keep in mind before buying the Shiv Family idol or even if you already have them you should read the following things which are important to consider before placing them in your home:-

  • Before buying the idol of shiv parivar one must make sure that the idol should not be hollow. It is applicable to the idol already present in your home.
  • If you already have a Shiv parivar at home make sure that it is not cracked, chipped, broken or even worn out. It’s considered inauspicious to have them in your home and they can have a negative impact on their surroundings.
  • The idol of Shiv Parivar must be placed in an airy room or a well lit area.
  • Before placing the idol of Shiv parivar one must make sure not keep it under anything especially bed.
  • The idols are meant for worship and they should not be kept inside a closet or a locked place as it disrupts its positive energy.
  • Before and after placing the idol you must Clean and tidy up the place to make sure that it is in a pure atmosphere.


We have talked a lot about the Shiv family primarily its significance, benefits and the important things to remember before and after buying the Shiv parivar Idol. Hope that all the knowledge and wisdom we provide was in accordance with your research and requirements. Thank you!

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