Animal Crossing New Horizons TV Programs and Commercials

Animal Crossing New Horizons TV Programs and Commercials

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to buy televisions with Animal Crossing New Horizons bells. They’re one of the more challenging things to locate, and most players are more concerned with expanding their Critterpedia than with finding a virtual flatscreen for their virtual home. However, it turns out that televisions are a little more fascinating than we expected — in reality, there’s an entire cable network dedicated to advertisements, fitness shows, and even a drama series available for your viewing pleasure. The television shows on Animal Crossing New Horizons have been almost entirely reworked, with the schedule being changed to match the new format. ACNH TV is a fun item Animal Crossing. You can get the programs and detailed schedules of TV through the Animal Crossing wiki.

Animal Crossing New Horizons TV Programs and Commercials


Two news reports are seen, as well as interviews with human civilians, with K.K. Technopop playing in the background.


A lady gives the day’s weather forecast first thing in the morning. The weather forecast for the next day is released in the evening. (Unlike in the original game, the same song plays over and over instead of fading out or starting over.)


A cartoon depicting a dog chasing a cat up a building before the dog falls down and the cat escapes. K.K. Rockabilly is used as background music in New Leaf, much like it was in New Leaf.


K.K. Ragtime is used as background music, similar to the Comedy show in previous games. The only significant difference is that it takes place in front of an audience on a stage.


It takes place in a different environment with just a few guests, similar to the other talk shows in New Leaf. K.K. Stroll’s instrumentation is used in this piece.


Tennis is a sport in which two women compete against each other. Applause and commentary are audible. On occasion, the screen displays two audience members who appear to be celebrities.


K.K. Metal is used in the battle between a mechanical robot and a Godzilla-like creature. At the end, the Zap Suit jingle is played.


Scenes of men and women conversing, as well as two hands reaching for a book, are featured in this drama.


The theme song for the show is K.K. Safari, and it is now a safari outing rather than scenes of nature. At the conclusion, Hypno K.K. performs.


K.K. Disco and Bubblegum are performed by a pop idol group. K.K. is a fictional character created by K.K.


As their armies fight it out in combat, two men issue commands to their armies. Here’s where the K.K. Adventure series comes into action.

Commercials Abs Machine

A muscular man appears in an advertisement for an ab toning product. In the meantime, the songs Rockin’ K.K. and K.K. House play.


Windmills with a Man is the subject of an advertisement. Wandering will be playing in the background and will conclude with a soundmark.

Food for Cats

Although I Love You plays in the background, a commercial shows someone pouring cat food into a dish.


A fictional brand’s commercial featuring dancing fruits and a rendition of K.K. Parade.


Surfin’ K.K. or K.K. Cruisin’ is featured in an advertisement for a red car.


A advertisement depicting children eating Christmas dinner inside a house on a snowy night as Santa Claus leaves gifts behind. The K.K. Lullaby or the song from the Toy Day event plays. From December 1 to December 24, it is only visible.