Children’s Day Celebration At Your Home

Children's Day Celebration At Your Home

This year Children’s Day is on Tuesday. Most of the schools will be having a holiday on that day. So the kids are at home and if you want to make their day special on the Children’s Day then here are some of the ways.

Children's Day Celebration At Your Home

You can start with decorating your kid’s room with some colorful crepe papers, balloons, or any other items.

Then wake up your child politely and not bragging like every day that school bus will be missed. Lovingly wake your kid up and wish him Happy Children’s Day.

After that, you can prepare their favorite breakfast. Kids always have a weakness for their favorite foods. So one day let them have their wish fulfilled give them their favorite breakfast.

You can then plan on playing some indoor games with them. You can play games such as Ludo, Chess, Card games, Monopoly, etc.

You can also ask them to help you in baking their favorite cookies or cake. Ask them to mix the chocolates or write something on the cake.

If you are more into gardening then you both can plant a new plant on this day this will also help your child to gain some good moral values.

You also have the option of watching a movie together. You can play their favorite animated movie and share popcorn with them.

Children's Day Celebration At Your Home

In the evening you can organize a small party in your house wherein you can call up all their friends and organize small games for the kids. You can give small gifts to all the kids. This will make all the kids happy.

If you do not want to spend the entire day at home then you can plan for a picnic. Or there are many events that are being organized for the children especially for the Children’s Day, you can attend them.

Whatever are the plans or however you celebrate the Children’s Day the materialistic things and gifts do not matter. The quality time that you have spent with your kids is what matters. In this busily scheduled lifestyle, we hardly find time to sit down and talk with our kids. So at least on this Children’s Day, we can spend some time with our children and know them a little more.

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