Class 11 And Class 12: The Life-Defining Years For CBSE Students For The Following Reasons

Class 11 And Class 12: The Life-Defining Years For CBSE Students For The Following Reasons

CBSE is widely accepted and one of the most followed education boards in our country. Hence, the CBSE curriculum is preferred to have a strong knowledge of the concepts involved in the NCERT textbooks. CBSE curriculum is also important from the point of competitive examination, as the questions are asked on the topics involved in CBSE syllabus.

Class 11 And Class 12: The Life-Defining Years For CBSE Students For The Following Reasons

During school life, CBSE class 11 and CBSE class 12 are the life-defining years of a students life for the following reasons.

  1. Entrance door

Class 11 and 12 are the entrance doors for the streams you want to study in the future. Students often choose Science as their stream as they can switch from Science to other streams in future, if they want to. But this option will not be available for other streams like Commerce, Arts and job oriented courses. 

  1. Score

A good score in CBSE class 11 and 12 will help you get graduation seats in the country’s prestigious colleges and universities. 

  1. Foundation for your future studies

It is often seen that students ignore studying class 11 topics seriously as class 11 does not have board examination. However, it is imperative that students keep in mind that without studying the concepts of class 11 thoroughly, it is very difficult to understand the curriculum of class 12. Most importantly, subjects and topics students study in these two years are the foundational courses for all their future studies. 

  1. Step to get the course and career you wanted

Class 11 and Class 12 are said to be life-altering courses because these are the milestone years which promote you to the courses you want to make a career with. It is also said that studying hard in these two years will help you sail through your graduate courses. 

  1. Entrance examination:

All the graduate entrance exams like JEE, NEET and university entrance examinations consist of the questions only from CBSE class 11 and CBSE class 12 curriculum. Hence, to perform well in the entrance examinations for professional courses, students are advised to study the topics included in this two-year curriculum thoroughly.


Classes 11 and class 12 are the milestone years for CBSE students.  The curriculum involved in these years will help them lay a strong foundation for their future courses. Good knowledge and score in these two years will increase your chances of getting into your favourite graduate courses and colleges of your choice.

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