Facebook States It records Text, Call Records Only From Android Users Who Opt-In

Facebook States It records Text, Call Records Only From Android Users Who Opt-In

Facebook States It records Text, Call Records Only From Android Users Who Opt-In

Recently, it was noticed by few Android mobile phone users that Facebook has stored a virtual trove of their private call details that extends back years. In the course of an uproar over the data handling by the social network entailing misuse of private information by a third-party app, a number of Android users who extracted the archive data from the social media network discovered very comprehensive personal metadata.

That data consisted of call logs embracing phone numbers, names, and the duration of every call made. The user reports and data practice were primarily reported by Ars Technica, which is a tech news site. In a statement provided to Ars Technica, the social media giant drew the attention to that the call log was “an extensively utilized practice to start by uploading your contacts in the phone.”

The firm made clear that it only gathers that information on users who choose the feature while installing Facebook Lite or Messenger. The company mentioned, “People have to particularly consent to utilize this service. If at any instance, they no longer want to make use of this facility, they can switch it off through settings, or at this point, for the users of Facebook Lite, and all earlier shared text and call history via that application is erased.”

Following the Cambridge Analytica data outrage, more Facebook users are becoming progressively more knowledgeable about the information they are sharing with it, and how that data is being utilized. The social media giant has come under increasing stress from privacy advertisers, advocates, and populace who utilize the platform. The network was compelled to remove advertisements in key publications on March 25 to express regret for the data scandal.

Few users have even started eschewing the use of the site altogether, even though the CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, stated last week that public was not ditching the website in huge numbers.

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