Sexting Is Safe and Fun with SextPanther

Safe and Fun with SextPanther

It’s been some time since sexting has become a popular and fun way for adults to engage in erotic activities. But with many of the sites where it has become extremely popular, such as Snapchat, there is a huge risk of having your most private data, literally, become public. Also, for single people, or those looking to enjoy some no-harm, no-strings-attached fun, it can be difficult to meet people. Add in a global pandemic, and it’s near impossible to find partners who will want to trade sexts.

Safe and Fun with SextPanther

That’s where SextPanther comes in. It provides a secure forum, where users can find some of the hottest stars from the porn industry, and trade pictures, texts, and even phone calls. It also gives the talent an opportunity to make extra money, which can be especially critical during the coronavirus crisis.

How Does SextPanther Work?

SextPanther actually doesn’t require anyone to download an app, which allows for greater privacy. For both users and content creators alike, SextPanther is originally accessed through their website, but the business has created an ingenious way for both users and the talent to safely sext directly from their mobile phones.

For Users

Those interested in using SextPanthers service can get started by creating a User ID, submitting their email for a login, and creating a password. After that, you read the Terms and Conditions, check the box saying you’ve done so, and tap the button that says “Join for Free.”

You will get $5 in free credits to begin using the site, and after that, you will need to choose a system for buying credits in order to access different services. It costs $1 to access a model’s profile, and after that, the costs of the services are set by the models. Many choose to give out their SextPanther phone number for free! There are a couple of ways to buy credits. You can do so with a credit card, or even exchange gift cards to places like Target and Starbucks for SextPanther credits.

One of the best things about SextPanther for users is that all of the talents on the site is carefully screened. This means that you will never come across any bots and there is never any catfishing.

Sextpanther offers excellent customer service, so if you have further questions about how to get started or how the site works they are there to help. They generally answer emails quite quickly.

For Content Creators

SextPanther offers both big-name stars in the porn industry, as well as amateurs, a safe and fun way to earn extra income. SextPanther offers their talent a great opportunity because models are free to set all of their own prices, and are in complete control over what services they choose to offer.

In order to sign up on SextPanther, models never need to give any credit card information. Also, even though the actual sexting happens using your regular mobile phone, you never have to give away your own number. Rather, when you sign up, SextPanther will give you an entirely new phone number. You can even choose the area code, so you never have to worry about potential stalkers.

Many models choose to make their phone numbers free. This is a great way to attract new customers. But you can choose all the prices for each service, and you can set which services you offer based on your preferences. For instance, you can limit your service to only phone calls, only texts, or you can include pictures and videos. You are always in control of what you want to offer and for how much.

You’re likely wondering how does the talent gets paid. Once the $20 minimum payout has been reached, a model can request to be paid by check through the mail, or they can opt for a direct deposit, so long as they provide SextPanther with a voided check. You will also need to sign a W-9 prior to getting paid.

Models are paid twice per month, and they receive a very large portion of all of their earnings:

  • For pictures, texts, and videos, content creators earn 55-65%
  • For phone calls, content creators earn 75% to 82.5%
  • For tips, content creators earn 80-88%

Tips can be an excellent source of income for the models. An additional option to increase earning power is through the referral system. Anytime, someone you have referred signs up, you earn $100 once they have earned their first $100.

They Take Privacy Seriously

For many adults, sexting is a favorite way to have fun. It can be a delightful activity for consenting adults, but there is the risk of material being used or data being leaked. SextPanther has done away with troublesome apps and created a system that allows the user to connect directly with the models that they are most interested in, in a manner that is also safe for the talent.

It used an affordable business model, where you can access the talent’s profile for only a dollar, and oftentimes receive their phone number for free as well. It also gives the talent a great way to earn extra money.

Whether you are experienced with sexting and looking for some new partners, or are curious to see what all of the excitement is about, SextPanther is a great place to explore the many pleasures of sexting.