Volkswagen Claims That India Is Not Prepared For EVs At The Moment

Volkswagen Claims That India Is Not Prepared For EVs At The Moment

Volkswagen Claims That India Is Not Prepared For EVs At The Moment

Volkswagen, the German auto major, claims that India is not “actually ready” for a jump towards complete EVs (electric vehicles) even though the decision of the government to put it on the schedule is a fine action. The firm, which has declared plans to extend manufacture of EVs all over the world on a huge scale with 16 sites to make battery-fueled cars by 2022, also claimed that India must be apparent about what type of tech it needs.

“I think it was a good action by the administration to put EVs on the schedule. It is completely essential for India,” Andreas Lauermann, the Managing Director and President of Volkswagen India, claimed to the media in an interview when asked about the plans of the company for EVs in the country. He, on the other hand, claimed, “But we all are aware that India is a not actually ready for such a jump at present. Also in terms of tech, India must be apparent what type of tech it needs.”

On the companionability of the current EVs of the company with the market of India, he claimed, “When we see at our EVs at the present in comparison to the tech, it is little bit too untimely for India.” For example, Volkswagen already provides an appropriate plug-in electric vehicle in the form of the e-Golf, its best-trading hatchback vehicle. With a range of only 126 Miles amid charges, the vehicle, although inspiring to drive, is just a place holder.

This place holder will be till the time Volkswagen gears up for a complete fleet of EVs based on next-gen technology for battery, which the company is confident that it will secure its position at the front line of electric personal mobility. The company’s arrangements for entrance in the latest epoch of reasonably priced e-mobility are well in progress.

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