Computers can now predict pain by examining your face


Computers can now predict pain by examining your face

Algorithms are ruling the world of technology owing to their adoption in a number of fields such as IT, medical, defense, and so on. Recently, the scientists have come up with an algorithm that can detect the state of mind of an individual by just looking at their face. Thus, fooling the current technology seems to be highly impossible.

This new technology will help the doctors in a way to diagnose the problem and give a suitable treatment required. The new system helps determine how much pain an individual is in. The facial expression of an individual helps examine and calibrate the person’s emotional status. In general, studying the tiny facial expressions of people is not that easy as it looks like.

According to the researcher, Dianbo Liu from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the distinction between the faked pain and real pain through this new metrics becomes easy. The doctors can easily identify the people faking pain so as to gain access to their addictive painkillers. The lead researchers and his team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a system that can measure the level of pain, which is a tricky task. However, understanding pain can turn out to be a tedious task as the experience and expression of pain may vary from individual to individual. Hence, the prediction of patients’ pain may vary as per the doctors.

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The algorithm has been designed using the videos of people grimacing and wincing in pain. The differences in the expression levels help enhance the functionality of the algorithm. The pain score is usually reported based on the movement of the muscles present around the mouth and nose, which really help reveal the actual state. The previous, modernized pain-recognition algorithms could be easily fooled but the current computer system helps separate 85% of the fakers compared to the human counterparts.

As per the researchers, the age, sex, and skin complexion of an individual helped predict the level of pain more accurately. However, there is still an instinct that the personalized approach is superior to the system. Though the scientists still believe it to be an unstoppable system, can prove to be of great importance for the doctors when turned into an app so as to be enabled into their smartphones.

Though the pain-recognition algorithm is in the early days, it has a bright future. The real doctors can no doubt be replaced but the algorithm can be ameliorated for greater accuracy in the coming months.

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