4 Thai Dishes You Cannot Afford To Miss Whilst Staying In Pattaya

4 Thai Dishes You Cannot Afford To Miss Whilst Staying In Pattaya

Thailand is a country with beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, amazing culture and, of course, it is a country where you can count on amazing food, whichever part you visit. You might try the delicacies on offer at a night market in Bangkok. You might try some fresh seafood on Koh Samui. You might visit a floating market and sample the mango sticky rice. Whatever your taste is, Thai food is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you longing for more. Perhaps you are an avid traveler but a bit wary of trying lots of different foods. You could search for a hotel with a breakfast buffet Pattaya and then you’ll be able to take advantage and try many different foods each day. The great thing about Thailand is that the food is often a lot cheaper than you expect. Don’t let the word ‘cheaper’ put you off, however, authentic Thai food is some of the best you’ll taste.

4 Thai Dishes You Cannot Afford To Miss Whilst Staying In Pattaya

Pad Thai

This noodle-based dish is popular across the whole of Thailand. You’ll find this dish in restaurants, at markets, at street food carts, and in Thai homes too. It’s an amalgamation of flavors and ingredients, including palm sugar, chili, and tamarind. The dish can be made with tofu and shrimp, but can also use other protein such as chicken or beef. You’ll always find a generous helping of peanuts sprinkled over the top!

Bu Pad Pong Kari

Otherwise known as cracked crab Thai curry, this fragrant dish is made using Thai curry powder and all sorts of other delicious ingredients. Good quality crab is used (with the shell cracked before cooking) along with garlic, egg, coconut milk, and oyster sauce. Chili and Chinese celery is added, which all contribute to the depth of flavor of this beautiful dish.

Pad Krapow Moo Saap

This simple but flavourful stir fry, known as pork and basil stir fry, incorporates the Holy basil variety, which adds to the aromatic flavors of the dish. Along with the chili and garlic, the different flavors in this dish really make it stand out. The stir fry can be served with sticky rice and topped with a runny fried egg.

Pa Thong Ko

Pa Thong Ko. A common and popular Thai breakfast food, crispy on the outside yet warm and doughy on the inside. These can be served with all sorts, including Thai custard, sweetened condensed milk, hot soy milk, and even soft-boiled eggs. Although it is up to you if you want to try eating them with anything different!

The beautiful thing about Thai food is that dishes often combine sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Noodles are eaten at breakfast, and rice is eaten as a dessert. Pattaya plays host to some wonderful street food vendors and restaurants who produce gorgeous, authentic Thai food, and you’ll certainly enjoy exploring the different food on offer.