Data Science Training: Helping To Make Sense Of Data

Data Science Training Helping To Make Sense Of Data

Have you ever come across pop-ups or ads of the Nike shoes that you have been craving for since a month when you just Google the best Nike shoes and went through some of the models? Have you come across the recent price drops in the models which you earlier browsed on Google?  Have you been receiving the same kind of shoe option from Amazon and other shopping sites as well?

Data Science Training Helping To Make Sense Of Data

Are you having a fit band on your wrist, which can do a lot of things like tracking the number of steps you have taken today? Tracking the number of calories burnt during the process and even more complex things like tracking the heartbeat, blood pressure and many more to come. Have you thought of how is all that possible?

The answer to all these questions is data. Data which the e-commerce sites get when you look for any product on their platform. When you are searching for a particular product you are actually giving some data about you to the internet and they are tracking that data and storing it to use to push their products to you in creative ways like these ads or pop-ups and yes obviously with a drop in price! The same thing goes for a fit band which collects the data from various access points of your body. And to add to the good, soon we may see these devices predicting some disease at an earlier stage.

A 14-year-old boy has developed a device which can predict a heart attack at an early stage. Wondering how? By tracking the minor attacks and heart issues which we don’t understand or pay attention to. This is the power of data today. Most of the Industry experts say that the next big and the most important thing is the data. Imagine if a small quantity of data could do such miracles, then what does a huge amount of data can do. But, there exists a problem. The problem is the data itself. We are bombarded with data all around us. Today, organizations have so much of data it would take literally years to study and use even a fraction of such data. That is where Data Science kicks in.

 Data Science is the use of a complex combination of various tools, algorithms and machine learning techniques which can make use of huge quantities of raw data and convert them into meaningful insights in the form of charts, data tables, patterns, models and many more.

Imagine we are living in the Internet of Things (IoT) world wherein everything is connected to literally everything. Your wake up alarm to vehicles, all your gadgets like mobiles, laptops, and even the most basic of things like a tap or lightings. Everything will be connected and data is generated at every point which will make our lives much easier and smarter. This is the power of Data science.

There is a 50% year-over-year increase in the Data Scientist job listings. 3 of the 5 highest paying jobs are related to Data Science. And there are lakhs of jobs in the coming years to be created in Data Science. So what are you waiting for? Get into the trend, learn it and make a great career from this opportunity by joining a data science online course.

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