Six Things That All Blog Articles Should Include

Six Things That All Blog Articles Should Include

Six Things That All Blog Articles Should Include

How Can You Create Your Blog Post?

It does not matter if blogging to you is a business or a hobby; one thing remains constant – each blog should contain some key elements. These elements engage your reader in the article, optimizing search engines, and encourages page views. After a while, this routine will see you effortlessly creating excellent pieces.The list below contains critical elements that you may use to create a unique and captivating blog post. You can also get additional content concerning this topic from Best Essay Help.


What is your article about? Are you educating your readers on something such as DIY, recipe, or a craft? Are you narrating a funny story about your daily adventures? Are you describing your experience from your recent vacation to Dubai? Whatever topic you choose to share, your content needs to address the intent or pass across the message. If you do not have any purpose for writing an article, it’s also okay. Sometimes there’s no need for a reason to write a blog.


If you do not give your article a compelling title, there’s a chance many potential readers will not have access to it. Compelling titles create a vibe of urgency for your readers to read your article. Examples include “5 ways to get rich by the end of one year,” “11 things you did not know exist in the sea,” etc. It would help if you first did keyword research before creating any blog post by doing that, you ensure that your permalink is the best possible.


If you write an article that is too short, search engines will ignore your blog – write the essay too long, and you may bore your readers who may opt for another blog. Balance your work so that the content is clear and concise between 300 and 600 words. However, it depends on the type of article you are writing about. Within these words, communicate your purpose to the readers in a format they will enjoy. Use these guidelines to engage your readers in your work actively:

  • Don’t create long paragraphs, find natural breaks, and create multiple sections using your ENTER key.
  • Use lists and bullets whenever possible – it makes your work more accessible to retain after reading.
  • Make your content unique by using the block-quote feature.


By linking other articles or sites to your site will help in:

  • Increasing the reader’s enjoyment as they discover similar content they might enjoy,
  • Boosting your Search Engine Optimization,
  • Linking your work to relevant or related articles makes it suitable for SEO,

Ensure external links opens a new window. Utilize “anchored test” whenever you are creating off or on-site connections to boost your SEO. A good example is “click here” for a detailed explanation of money laundering schemes vs. click here for a detailed description of “money laundering schemes.”


It is a fact that great graphics and photos are attractive. Adding these to your content will ensure your readers enjoy your articles in contrast to a bunch of sentences and paragraphs. Here are some few ideas on how you can use graphics and photos while uploading your post:

  • Use images that relate to your content to achieve the impact of SEO.
  • Incorporate a photo or graphic in between paragraphs.
  • Feature your best picture to make it visible in snippet views by your readers.
  • Associate the website name with your photos. It makes your website visible when people see your photos.
  • Ensure your images span across your content entirely in width.


It is good to add a video to your blog while posting. It may not be practical or needed, but you can make it a goal to include a video in every article you post. Similarly, you can link your posts manually or create a link at the bottom of every piece. Another alternative is having the numerous plugins do the hard work for you and create a presentable content. If your blog is about business, you can put an additional affiliate link in the material.

Call to action. Include a provision allowing readers to interact with you or even leave comments about your work at the bottom of the page.


The above vital elements will see you producing quality blog posts if you make them a routine in a short time.