Essential Safety Equipment for Commercial Properties

Safety Equipment for Commercial Properties

Regardless of what type of business you run, it is important to have the appropriate safety equipment installed. It is not only a matter of passing a building inspection, although of course, that is also important to keep your business open. It is also about ensuring the health and safety of your customers, your employees, and yourself. Here is a list of some of the most important safety equipment that your commercial property should possess. Make sure that these are present and in good working order.

Safety Equipment for Commercial Properties

1. Fire Safety Equipment

Fire extinguishers NY metro area are standard equipment that no commercial or residential property should be without. However, commercial buildings should have more extensive fire safety measures in place, such as sprinkler systems that react to smoke to put the fire out.

2. Exit Signs and Emergency Lights

A fire or other emergency can cause the power to go out. In this situation, you need exit signs that clearly show the way out as well as emergency lights to illuminate the exit route or path to the appropriate shelter. These should either have battery backups or work off their own generator.

3. Stairways and Walkways

However, having emergency lights and exit signs to guide the way to safety will not do much good if the path is blocked or partially obstructed. These should remain clear, well-lighted, and navigable at all times. Perform frequent tests and drills to be sure that everyone in the building can get to safety in an emergency.

4. Exit Doors

It is appropriate to have exit doors attached to an alarm system to deter unauthorized access. However, in the event of an emergency, exit doors should open easily and freely from the inside.

You should set up a schedule to check essential safety equipment on a regular basis to ensure that it is operational in an emergency.