How Compressed Air Helps Move Goods

Compressed Air Helps Move Goods

Compressed air is used on both small and large scales to move and clean things. In the freight industry, air compressors are used to build and repair vehicles, to power braking systems and to cycle the air conditioning on ships. Pneumatic levers are used to push, pull and lift cargo between transportation methods at various hubs. Each of these systems is important to the movement of goods and can require specialist maintenance personnel.

Compressed Air Helps Move Goods

Shipping and Transportation Hubs

You can find air systems for boat and rail yards which use a series of pipes and compressors to move the air where it needs to go and pressurize it for various tasks. These systems can be used to power tools in a repair shop in one part of the yard and to pressurize tanks in another section. To get the system your location needs, you can find yard air Jacksonville FL companies to help you design, install and maintain it.

Boats, Trucks and Trains

Cargo is moved by boats, trains and trucks to various locations around the world and each of these transportation types uses compressed air in one or more systems. Boats, for example, have an onboard air compressor to cycle air through the HVAC system as well as to power some onboard tools and systems. Semi-trucks and cargo vans often use pneumatic brakes, shock absorbers and power control systems. Trains and railyards will use compressed air for emergency braking as well for various repair tools.

Loading and Unloading

There are many different types of equipment used for loading and unloading cargo such as cranes, forklifts and hand trucks, and some of these will have air compressors on them to raise and lower heavy loads. Some truck trailers will have pneumatic cargo ramps while others use electricity or manual labor to help lower pallets of cargo. Dump trucks, usually used to deliver materials like gravel, will use pneumatic systems to adjust the tilt of the bin and garbage trucks will have similar systems to collect and compress trash.

Compressed air and pneumatic systems are designed to help with heavy work and can make all types of jobs easier. These systems are especially useful in the transportation of goods where they are employed in almost every step from loading the boats, trains and trucks to unloading them. You can find the right compressor for your freight company, boat or rail yard by consulting a company that designs, installs and maintains these systems.