How to Keep Yourself Productive Past the Everyday Afternoon Slump

Keep Yourself Productive Past

Afternoon slumps are all too well for most people, especially when you started the morning with a few cups of strong coffee and reinvigorated energies like most dredging equipment manufacturers and others with strenuous jobs. You burn out towards the afternoon, but you don’t have to—at least not when it’s most important, like when you still have a few hours left at work.

Keep Yourself Productive Past

Read this article to give yourself some ideas on how to combat the afternoon slump and remain productive until bedtime.

Pro Tip: When none of your wake-up tricks work, consider taking a short nap [an hour or less] to refresh your mind mid-day.

Make Sleep a BIG Priority Throughout the Week

When you’re younger, the only thing you want to do is stay awake. Nighttime feels exciting and mysterious, so you stay up all night and sleep all day until you get a real job and have to make adult decisions. Then you wish you had the option to sleep as much as you wanted like when you were a kid.

How do you deal with this? SLEEP. Make it a number one priority for your nightly routine. Go to bed early when you can, commit to waking up at a specific time, and strive to get a restful, uninterrupted sleep by meditating and unwinding before your head ever hits the pillow.

When you feel well-rested, your mind and body will be less likely to smack that wall of slump that so many fall victim to in those workday afternoons.

Avoid Caffeine and Sugar—They Only Make Your Insulin Spike to Crash HARD Later

Ditch the caffeine and sugar. Yes, you might gasp now, but you’ll be glad you did later. Caffeine and sugar spike your insulin and productivity levels, making you almost manic in your drive to get things done. However, the crash comes around mid-day, resulting in that BLAH feeling that makes you want to sleep on your desk.

Set Clear Goals, Smash Them, and Celebrate Your Accomplishments with Zen Mode

Zen mode is where you shut out the rest of the world and do what you want to do for a few hours. It’s where you have accomplished your goals for the day, so you can relax with a glass of wine, a good book, and some peace. Or whatever zen mode means to you. It’s doing whatever makes you feel content after a productive workday.