Know how different Samsung Pay Mini is from Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay Mini

Know how different Samsung Pay Mini is from Samsung Pay

As we know, Samsung has recently rolled out Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and Galaxy J7 Max. But apart from it, the company has also introduced a new payment service known as “Samsung Pay Mini.” Specifically, the app seems to be launched to facilitate digital payments on reasonably priced devices, and for now, it has been rolled out on selective Samsung devices. The company, back in March, has launched Samsung Pay app to make transactions easier. So, let’s take a glimpse how these 2 apps are different from each other.

Considering the Samsung Pay app, it supports Magnetic Secure Transmission as well as NFC technologies. This permits a user to convey a magnetic signal to the card reader of the payment terminal in restaurants, shops, and other point-of-sale (PoS) terminals from his/her smartphone. By this, the need to carry credit/debit cards is eliminated by Samsung Pay, enabling users to do contactless payments through several retail outlets with the use of certain smartphones.

All that a user needs to do is open the Samsung Pay app, choose the card, touch their device to the PoS machine’s metal strip, confirm with fingerprint, and the process of paymentis complete. Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note5, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy A7, Samsung Galaxy S8+, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ are the devices that are compatible with Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay

Coming to the newly launched Samsung Pay Mini, it doesn’t support the tap-and-pay technique with the use of debit/credit cards is not supported by it, which is the major difference between the 2 apps. It even does not function with the ordinary swiping devices for offline payments. It only supports UPI and mobile wallets for online payments. Nonetheless, if a vendor agrees one of the wallets supported by bank transfer or Samsung Pay Mini, the user can buy stuff offline.

Samsung Pay Mini is basically developed for the mid-range cellphones that are not equipped with the hardware required for complete Samsung Pay service. It enables the user to make payments to retailers or transfer money with bank accounts and wallets with the use of their device, just the way other digital payment apps do. Just that they do not provide a wallet of their own. The user can connect bank accounts recorded with your phone number with the use of wallets, such as Mobikwik, Paytm, and so on, and UPI.

Samsung Pay Mini is compatible with Galaxy J7 Prime, Galaxy J7 (2016), and Galaxy J7 Max, and also the other devices to follow soon.

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