Police Search For CCTV Footage At Kejriwal’s Residence

Police Search For CCTV Footage At Kejriwal’s Residence

Police Search For CCTV Footage At Kejriwal’s Residence

A large troop of Police officers marched into the Delhi CM’s residence for searching the CCTV footage. In order to collect the evidence related to the alleged attack on Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash on Monday night at Arvind Kejriwal’s house. Delhi Congress has criticized the move by quoting is an ‘undemocratic’ action.

On Monday night, during a meeting at Kejriwal’s residence, few AAP MLAs have attacked Mr. Prakash in an attempt to hurt him. A number of police officials reached the premises to search the CCTV footage to know exactly what happened that night. Later Police said that the recording on the residence was running 40 minutes and 42 seconds behind the real time. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Harendra Singh, who is leading the team has said that there were total 21 cameras on the premises out of which 7 weren’t working. Mr. Singh has also mentioned that the forensic lab has found that the recording of the cameras were almost 42 minutes behind the actual time. In addition, Mr. Singh also told the media that there was no camera in the drawing room where the incident took place.

The AAP party officials have released a video showing that Mr. Prakash has left the premises before 11:30. On asking about whether Mr. Kejriwal was warned about the delay in the CCTV cameras or not, Mr. Singh has responded by saying that ‘it is a matter of investigation’. There were around 20 police officers searching the CM’s house during the investigation. However the police haven’t interacted with Mr. Kejriwal, it just questioned some of the staff and caretakers at premises.

Previously, VK Jain, CM’s chief advisor had named AAP MLAs Prakash Jarwal and Amanullah Khan for assaulting the Chief Secretary to the Police.

Arvinder Singh Lovely, Delhi Congress President has openly criticized the AAP party over the incident. He also said that “AAP has been totally exposed following VK Jain’s Statement

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