Urdu Dying In Telangana With The Government Allowing English To Bury Its Mascot

Urdu Dying In Telangana With The Government Allowing English To Bury Its Mascot

The 2nd official language of Telangana, “Urdu” will be vanished soon from the entire institutions offering “Urdu” as the study medium. The state already has only as small as 6 residential high schools offering studies in the Urdu language. Recently, the teachers of these schools were given order for not taking new admissions.

The teachers of these schools mention that there aren’t any written orders from the authorities but have instructed orally from not taking any new applications for the academic year 2018–19.

The TUTA (Telangana Urdu Teacher’s Association), General Secretary, Mohammad Masooduddin Ahmed mentions that the officials have strictly stated not to take in any fresh admissions for the current academic year for Urdu medium, there are many students who are aspiring to seek admission in “Urdu Medium”. He further added that issuing such order is not feasible and that the state should willingly promote and support the “Urdu” language with new schools and institutions rather converting the established Urdu schools into English.

He further mentions that the presidential order should secure the “Urdu” language and that the officials have no right to banish the language. Under TMREIS (Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society) there are about 206 schools in the state out of which “Urdu” medium high schools only accountable for 6 schools out of which students per class are 40. Besides this, there are 30 students each in CEC stream and 40 students each in BIPC and MPC stream in 2 junior colleges. As per the sources, these colleges might also get an instruction soon to follow the verbal order given to the “Urdu” medium schools of converting the Urdu into English.

The recent move of Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society is been termed by the teachers as the government’s strategy to shut down these Urdu schools as they are already facing the shortage of teaching staff. The Telangana State Minority Welfares Association, National Coordinator, Syed Shaukat Ali, mentions that the students are not given the opportunity to explore the study area in their mother tongue Urdu medium.

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