Pete Lau on Indian government’s data safety concerns

Pete Lau

Pete Lau on Indian government’s data safety concerns

CEO of One-Plus, Pete Lau, has claimed that the top Chinese smartphone producer is all set to reply India’s privacy and data security concerns as it trades the similar handsets in Europe and the U.S., where these concerns are previously answered. The company pitches privacy and data security as trading point to its customers all over the world, claimed Lau to the media in an interview at company headquarters.

“These problems are of extremely sensitive nature in North America and Europe. All our smartphones worldwide match the similar standards. Therefore, we are not actually concerned about that. We admire the Government of India and their worries and we will help as needed,” he further claimed.

Lau rolled out OnePlus in December 2013, with financial support from a cluster of sponsors comprising BBK Electronics, which owns Vivo and Oppo. The founder claimed that OnePlus is also looking for more clearness from the Government of India to answer all their worries.

“Presently, we have not got any straight requirement or request to set up cloud storage or servers in India. We are making an attempt to get additional clearness on that.” Last month, the government requested smartphone makers, comprising Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus, to make available processes and procedures carried out to guarantee safety of mobile handsets traded in India.

Pete Lau

The Center will confirm and will take measures if any company fails to meet necessities. India is the biggest market for OnePlus, attributing almost 40% of entire income, followed by the complete operations in Europe. As per market sources, OnePlus is listed 3rd in the premium handset market (Rs 25,000 plus) post Apple and Samsung.

The current India–China argument at Dokalam had no effect on One-Plus trades in India, although it did impact some other handset brands of China. Kyle Kiang, the global marketing head of the company, claimed that most premium users do not connect OnePlus with China. In addition to this, the company’s aim is not the market in China. “We are an international brand and believed as such in India,” he further added.

Lau claimed that OnePlus has transformed India its 2nd headquarters and is employing a number of managers. It will also arrange its experience centers in the leading 10 cities of India that are its biggest market. In Bengaluru, OnePlus has an experience store. It also has a kiosk each in Noida and Delhi. While they are presently 3rd-party owned, OnePlus is discovering more options in India.

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